Some blog readers have asked whether they could simply "buy all the slides" in the store. I resist selling a big PowerPoint file, because my ultimate objective for SlideMagic is to go to a subscription model for unlimited downloads with so many charts available, and new ones constantly being added that the service no longer becomes a place to buy slides, but rather is your personal inspiration chart search engine you open up for every new slide you create.

There are a few technical and legal hurdles I need to clear before I can implement a scalable subscription service (I actually need to incorporate outside of Israel to be able to use common software platforms). But I see some readers buying so many slides on my store already that they might not be that happy to start paying the subscription after having downloaded/paid for half the store already.

So this could be a temporary solution. I have created manually a $100 yearly subscription product on PayPal. After I receive payment, I will email you (manually) a discount code that will give you a 100% discount on any slide you purchase in the store which will stay valid for 1 year and gets renewed if you renew your subscription. The minimum value of this is "buying the whole store" for $100 (if you cancel the subscription in a year), but I hope it will be start of a longer relationship as I am expanding the product adding lots of more slides, bundles, and story line ideas, and maybe a closed community where we can talk presentations and you can request new designs that are missing in the store.

I have not finalised pricing yet (I might put it higher in the future), the solution is manual and not very scalable, but it is an opportunity for frequent blog readers to get in early (a sort of closed beta). I will close down the beta subscription link again sometime in the near future as I prepare for the real thing that I can market to a broader audience.

It can be a win-win for both of us. You get the whole store, can call yourself a founding member, I get some financial support, and a lot of data about which slides you actually use, and which ones not. I hope you want to help.

UPDATE: I removed this temporary Paypal link, the proper subscription page is now live at

After subscribing, please go the store and create a user account (if you have not done so already) so I can find you and link the discount code to this account. Please be considerate of time zones (EST + 7) when waiting for your discount code as this is a manual process.

The SlideMagic content license is similar to most stock photo and template banks: slides are free to use, but please don't resell them unmodified, back-to-back in a competing slide template business, and (there are many consultants and other service providers who buy my slides for use with their clients), add a new license for a new client project you use the slides for.

Cover image by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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